The Dos and Don’ts of a Fam Journey

Almost every person loves a fam excursion. That said, not everybody acts professionally. And in some cases, travel advisors are not adequately ready to make the most of the encounter.

Here’s a appear at the “do’s and don’ts” of fam outings – starting off with the “don’ts.”


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Don’t assume of a fam as a family vacation. “I think some go on fams for the no cost trip and not to find out about the merchandise to present informed choices to their shoppers,” explained Chris Caulfield, a CruiseOne franchise owner in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

“Professionalism need to be your major priority,” mentioned Alison Tracy of Dream Holidays – Madson & Associates. “This is a skilled business that provides a experienced provider you should act accordingly.”

When inspecting rooms do not touch everything in sight. “From the alarm clock to the Television, to the minibar – hold your palms to you, explained Ryan Doncsecz of VIP Holidays.

“And remember to, do not use the lavatory. These rooms are intended to be retained pristine for excursions, with numerous other teams coming later on that day.”

Included Tracy, “On a single of my modern fam visits, there was an agent in our group that tried using out just about every bed in every home we toured. It felt so amazingly unprofessional.”

Don’t consider objects from rooms. “I experienced an older agent [on a fam] with a giant bag who took each and every amenity kit from each individual toilet from each and every home we toured,” stated Sarah Kline of Time for Journey. “She could barely have the bag by the finish of the day.”

Do not make a distraction of on your own. “I was on a Europe fam tour and we had a Disney agent who was on hold with Disney – on speaker – each individual day of the tour, all working day,” Kline mentioned. “Our full fam journey video clip has Disney tunes in the history.”

Never hold the group up through an inspection tour. Obtain another time to quit at the pool bar to seize a drink or a snack at the grab-and-go. “Not only are you not a spending visitor, but you are keeping the group again – and if you are on a fam, you’re probable carrying out site inspections at several other resorts and that’s using time absent worthwhile time, Tracy claimed.

Be respectful of visitors. “When going for walks through prevalent places, really do not wander concerning company, walk about them,” Tracy mentioned.

Do not solicit organization from friends. “Whether you are knowledgeable of it or not, it is not permitted to solicit business from company even though undertaking website inspections,” Tracy reported. “Although this really should go devoid of expressing, it does occur and I have personally witnessed it. It still left a bad taste in my mouth.”

Travel advisors dining together on a FAM trip&#13
Travel advisors eating alongside one another on a FAM trip. (image by way of RIU Hotels & Resorts)

Pay out attention to your existing clientele. “Do not overlook your emails. Just since you are out of the office environment does not imply shoppers are not trying to get in contact with your company,” Doncsecz claimed.

On the “do” side of fam trips, be positive to connect with the profits manager. “Give them your organization card and depart a experienced impact with them so they recall you,” Tracy reported. “It could support you in the future. Really don’t be fearful to question the sales supervisor concerns, even if the concerns feel foolish.”

Consider images. “This could support you near a sale down the line, but also lets you to don’t forget numerous of the little facts you are looking at,” Doncsecz stated. “On larger fam journeys the place you are viewing numerous hotels, a lot of the trivialities can turn out to be convoluted – so support your potential self by having tons of photos.”

Share your experiences on social media. “This is totally free and straightforward advertising and marketing, with tons of alternatives to let the world know what you are accomplishing and the practical experience you now have that can be shared,” Doncsecz said.

Never ignore your business enterprise cards. “You will have prospects to exchange organization playing cards with lots of crucial sector contacts, as nicely as hoteliers,” he explained. “Many of them will achieve out to you suitable away and thank you for your take a look at. Be organized with your contact information and facts helpful.”

Observe guests. “What are they doing?” Doncsecz mentioned. “Are they pleased? Who could this house charm to that you are doing the job with now?”

Gown appropriately. “Wear breathable, comfy, business enterprise/intelligent everyday apparel and consider about comfy footwear as well,” Tracy stated. “Agents have been seen carrying inappropriate apparel this kind of as swimwear with coverups even though doing web-site inspections and this is just totally unacceptable and unprofessional.”

In Caulfield’s view, the largest “do” is to “look at the cruise or vacation resort through the eyes of your purchasers.”

“Areas that may not desire you but are of interest to your customer are what you need to shell out consideration to the most,” he claimed. “Consider what inquiries your consumers have requested in the earlier that you had been not sure of so you are better organized following time.”

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