Style experts answer how can jeans be business casual

Can jeans be business casual is an age-old sartorial conundrum and although jeans are considered more on the casual end of the style spectrum, giving them a smarter spin is actually surprisingly easy.

Dress codes are often confusing with nothing more baffling or conflicting than the smart casual dress code, particularly when jeans get involved. But it’s actually pretty easy to find the balance between the two and there are heaps of smart casual outfit ideas that can be considered office-appropriate, including your best jeans. With office dress codes, on the whole, becoming more relaxed post-pandemic, jeans are becoming more accepted in a workplace environment, although it’s always important to check your own workplace dress code before trying this look. In offices where jeans are acceptable, there are still a few styling tricks to abide by to keep your denim looking professional and polished, such as avoiding distressed or ripped jeans and sticking to darker washes. Opt for slim-fit styles such as straight leg jeans or skinny jeans, rather than baggy styles which have more of a relaxed aesthetic.


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