Smart Casual Menswear: Return to the Office in Style

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With many people working from home over the last year, it’s fair to say many of us have been lax with our work attire. Trading collared shirts and smart pants for t-shirts and sweatpants, comfort became our main concern. Now as we return to the corporate environment, it’s worth investing in hybrid wardrobe options that retain working-from-home comfort yet are suitably office appropriate.

Reimagining conventional corporate attire, certain pieces find the happy balance between casual and formal to make your return to the office professional and stylish.

Smart Polo Shirts

In 2022, no man’s wardrobe is complete without at least one smart polo shirt. The versatile piece is both comfortable and versatile able to be tucked in for a formal look or dressed down for more casual office dress codes. They come in a huge variety of colours, patterns and styles perfect for mixing and matching to suit the occasion and they’re a great base to pair with almost any pants and jacket.

Ralph Lauren Men's long sleeve polo
Ralph Lauren Men’s Long Sleeve Polo | Source: Ralph Lauren
Smart Jersey Polo
Charles Tyrwhitt Smart Jersey Polo | Source: Charles Tyrwhitt
Burberry polo
Burberry Monogram Motif Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt | Source: Burberry


A must-have staple in any man’s wardrobe, chino pants sit in a great area on the casual-to-formal spectrum – smarter than denim but more casual than dress pants. They also perfectly pair with anything from sneakers and loafers to dress shoes. Add a blazer and a collared shirt to bring out the smartness in chinos or wear them with a polo shirt to dress them down in a more casual setting.

A.P.C Classic Chinos
A.P.C Classic Chinos | Source: A.P.C
Hugo Boss Slim-Fit Chinos
Hugo Boss Slim-Fit Chinos | Source: Hugo Boss
Japan tapered-leg chino trousers
Tom Ford Japan tapered-leg chino trousers | Source: Farfetch


A well-fitting blazer is a block colour such as navy or black is the perfect piece to easily elevate an outfit from casual to smart casual. A plain t-shirt and jeans instantly become office appropriate when paired with a nice blazer and if you utilise the blazer with its matching suit pants then the outfit becomes even more dapper. While you can’t go wrong with a classic style blazer, if you’re keen to expand your range have a look at pieces in other colours, fit structures and fabrics.

M.J.Bale blazer
M.J. Bale Salter Jacket Slim | Source: M.J. Bale
Hugo Boss Single-Breasted Jacket
Hugo Boss Single-Breasted Jacket | Source: Hugo Boss
Todd Snyder Wool Blazer
Todd Snyder Wool Blazer | Source: Todd Snyder

Button Down Shirt

Another must-have wardrobe staple, dress shirts are flexible pieces worthy of most occasions. For formal events or business meetings, there’s not much that makes a better impression than a smart shirt and tie under a fitted suit. If the attire calls for a more casual approach, pairing a nice shirt with jeans or chinos will still make a great impression. The best part is there are so many options that cater to every style, from patterned, checkered and colourful expressions that make a statement to a crisp white or navy shirt that will stay timelessly smart.

polo ralph lauren oxford shirt
Polo Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt | Source: Ralph Lauren
Everlane Slim Oxford shirt
Everlane Slim Oxford shirt | Source: Everlane
Tommy Hilfiger Classic fit shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Classic Fit Shirt | Source: Tommy Hilfiger


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