New Oxfords Casual Dining owners make restaurant their own

Barbara M. Houle

Executive chef Egi Veliu and his wife Jola Veliu own Oxfords Casual Dining.

After more than 20 years in the industry, executive chef Egest (Egi) Veliu bought his first restaurant, Oxfords Casual Dining in Oxford, operating the business with his wife, Jola Veliu, since January 2022.

Some diners may recognize the name Egi Veliu as he previously was executive chef at The Manor Banquet Facility and The Draught House Bar & Grill in West Boylston for more than 15 years, leaving before the Fotiadis family sold the business last year. Veliu is an Albanian chef who trained in restaurants in and outside of the Worcester area.

His decision to buy Oxfords from former owners Paul Dadah and his wife, Kris, didn’t come lightly. Veliu heard that the previous owners considered selling around the same time he had looked at other properties in Worcester. Oxfords was a turnkey restaurant and it has parking, said Veliu. Another important consideration for deciding whether to invest in a pre-existing restaurant establishment is why are the owners selling, he said. The Dadahs looked forward to early retirement, according to Veliu. The business is well-established and has a great reputation, he said.


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