National and locally-owned stores open for holidays in CherryVale Mall

Christmas decorations are seen on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022, at CherryVale Mall in Cherry Valley.

If you just can’t get enough of that special someone’s eyes, you can do more than telling them so.

A photographer with the right camera and lens can capture the depth of the kaleidoscope of colors in the eye, print it and frame it for you as a gift. Now, you can as Memoir Eyes is one of several new businesses to open up shop in or just outside CherryVale Mall for the holidays.

Amy Myers, CherryVale Mall’s leasing and advertising manager, called Memoir Eyes “one of the coolest new concepts” the mall has this year.

“What they’re doing is they can scan your iris or multiple irises. So, like a couple could each have one of their irises scanned. And they will make like an infinity symbol, or they’ll do multiple scans for families.”

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About 30 minutes later, you can have the picture in an 11- by 8.5-inch blackwood frame for $49.99 or a 10- by 8-inch acrylic box frame for $89.99.


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