Flames Fit Check: November 2022 pregame outfit rankings

Welcome to The Win Column’s Flames Fit Check, your monthly destination for Calgary Flames pregame fashion. Now, not by any means am I really qualified to give any opinions on fashion, but that’s the best part about the internet—I don’t have to be qualified. That being said, throughout the season you’ll be seeing my top five pregame fits and an unfashionable mention that turned some heads for the wrong reasons.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best outfits of Novemer.

1. Nikita Zadorov

Big Z has been a cornerstone to the Flames D corps thus far and remains undefeated off the ice with this beautiful double-breasted cream coloured suit. Copper patterned tie with the light blue shirt give off a nice contrast with the jacket and pants while the buckled shoes we saw last month make a return to finish off the fit.

I’m not sure why but this oozes Russian Bond villain fresh off his helicopter in Miami to conduct a lucrative black market business deal. The only thing missing from pulling off the full Russian Mobster ensemble is the socks and short leg. Florida gets hot though, have to let your ankles breathe.

2. Mikael Backlund, Rasmus Andersson

The second spot this month goes to two Swedes who are either distracted by something out of frame, or showing their good side to the camera. Regardless, both look dapper. I’m sure you’re thinking, how do two players finish second? Because I decided you beautiful people would get a bonus fit this month and even more of my humble analysis.

Checkered fit on the right, classy, suave and relaxed.

Checkered fit on the left, professional, clean and well-balanced.

The duo look as though they’re headed to their high school reunion extremely overdressed just to say “Oh, I thought it was casual!” when confronted. Or maybe they’re the Swedish business men meeting Zadorov to complete an underground Caviar exchange.

Beyond the suits both gentlemen are sporting some nice facial hair for Movember and each’s own take on the slicked back look. Special shoutout to Backlund’s watch, black strap with a gold face ties his whole outfit together.

3. Nazem Kadri

Naz brings a very simple two tone approach and hits it out of the park. The burgundy and black complement each other really well and the black overcoat makes it for me. Dior boots give a nice 2.5 million dollar signing bonus flavor, just to keep you on your toes.

The beanie is a given for Kadri unless the teams playing on the sun it seems. This one does seem to have some significance though, as Andrew Mangiapane was also wearing one the same day, November 3rd against the Predators. I can’t make out the logo but if anyone knows leave a comment down below and keep your eyes peeled. (Editor’s note: it is a Moncler beanie. Thanks to our fashionable fans for pointing this out)

4. Nikita Zadorov

Can’t keep the pregame champion off the list twice. I really do try to give everyone an equal chance, but not everyone performs. This one gives me Willie Wonka on Wall Street with the burnt orange pinstripes jumping off the blue jacket and pants. The white shirt keeps it from going off the rails.

Double-breasted jackets really seem to be the theme this month, maybe the cold weather brings it “in” more? Don’t get to see the shoes in this one but I would assume, short leg and maybe blue suede? Brown leather seems too easy for Zadorov here.

The watch looks great and helps tie in the light shirt. Aside from it looking great, I’m sure it’s a pretty penny. The Caviar business must be booming.

5. Jacob Markstrom & Chris Tanev

I know, I know, I know. Another two for one. It’s the holiday season and lets say I’m feeling generous. That is true, but in reality Chris is my unfashionable mention down below, with Jacob getting the title last month. They deserve some time in the spotlight for the right reasons.

Tanev’s locks glistening, framed by a simple blue suit with a white shirt. A classic look for a classic hockey guy. The print inside the jacket has some nice flavour, much like Chris’ coffee which can conveniently be sipped through one of his missing tooth gaps. Black boots bring it all together and draw attention away from his thumb brace. In all seriousness one of the toughest players in the NHL.

I must admit on Jacob’s side of things, I didn’t pick his best of the month. It’s so close, and then we had to throw the camo tie in the suitcase. It looks like the jacket lining also follows suit with the pattern. I don’t know, kind of a head scratcher to me. Maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice. Is it even camo? Now I’m starting to think it isn’t… I might have to phone a friend on this one. Aside from the tie, the suit, watch, and black leather are a really clean look. Still very fashionable and much better than the Sock Monkey vacuum cleaner salesman we saw last month. One percent better everyday Marky.

Unfashionable Mention – Chris Tanev

Before we get into this one I have to give Chris some benefit of the doubt, its a nice idea, just not for him. It’s almost too boring for the stone-faced tough guy. The brown is alright, but then the greyish blue/green shirt with a navy tie just kind of kills the whole potential. Maybe it’s because I see Chris as no tie kinda guy. It might just be me but I get a wet dog essence from the whole thing. I can’t quite place it.

Better Call Saul vibe but a little more, West Virginia than New Mexico.

Accessories are executed well I must say. A nice beaded bracelet to show his chill side, and the go cup looks expensive but oddly suspicious if he were at a kids sporting event.

This is definitely not the worst fit we’ve seen and really I think it’s the expression on Chris’ face. It looks like he just had to put down the family cat and knows he’s coming home to sad kids wondering where Mittens went.

Stay tuned next month for another handful of seriously unserious fashion takes.

All photos from @NHLFlames.


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