Five Affordable Clothing Stores to Find Business Casual Attire

Transitioning from college student attire to workplace fits can be stressful when all you have ever sported is sweatpants, hoodies, crop tops, jeans and sneakers. Whether you landed an internship that requires business casual 24/7 or a full-time job that values appropriate office apparel, you need to revamp your wardrobe ASAP.

Shopping for business casual clothes can be time-consuming and expensive. But when you finally find timely pieces to make the perfect look, shopping the style becomes easy. Here are five inexpensive places to shop for business casual attire on a tight budget.


So, hear me out. Thrifting is time-consuming and disappointing when you spent an hour or two scanning the store with nothing in your shopping cart. However, with the right Goodwill location and patience, you can walk out of the store with bags filled with cute business attire. Much of the workplace clothes I bought from Goodwill saved me hundreds of dollars if I had shopped elsewhere. Goodwill stores are ubiquitous and loaded with timely pieces for whatever look you want to rock for work. 


It is universal knowledge that TJ Maxx is the best when finding popular name brands for less. TJ Maxx hardly disappoints when finding good clothes, but you might have trouble when everyone in town has visited before you. Since everyone and their moms know TJ Maxx has a good selection, Wednesday mornings are a good time to get in your car and drive to the nearest store. The store typically has marked-down items and restocked aisles on Wednesdays! 


Girl bosses never gatekeep. Park Avenue Thrift has eight locations in Georgia and only one in another state. If you’re looking to shop here, proceed like you would at Goodwill. Find a good store location and your innermost patience. They have great business pieces and even better prices. One thing to note— always go early on the weekends. People will swarm the place, and thrifting IS a competitive sport. 


Ross is a hit or miss for me, but you may have more luck. Ross plus Marshalls are stores I have shopped at since I could fit their kiddy section clothes. Ross is more affordable than TJ Maxx, but you must shop on days they have restocked, otherwise you may be out of luck like me.

5. H&M

After complimenting my coworkers on their stylish work fits, they always say “H&M,” is their go-to. As my style matures, H&M became the only mall store I shop in. They have affordable suits, pants, dressy tops and more. Their pieces are timely with neutral colors you can pair with anything.  


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