Do Private Jets Have Dress Codes?


  • Private jet travel has no set dress code, but most passengers dress in business or smart casual attire to reflect the exclusive and luxury nature of flying this way.
  • Comfort is key when choosing what to wear on a private jet, with loose-fitting and breathable materials recommended. Avoid jumpsuits, bulky coats, overly white clothing, or offensive logos.
  • Consider your plans after the flight, as changing clothes may not be easy during the flight.

Flying on a private jet offers many advantages and flexibilities. Passengers have a choice over flight times, routes, and airports used. It’s not just schedules that are relaxed, though – softer areas like dress code, catering, and what to bring onboard are all flexible too.

No dress code – but most will be smart

There is generally no dress code when flying privately. Of course, if you are lucky enough to own the aircraft, then naturally you do and wear as you want. Also when chartering, the charter company is not going to specify that passengers dress appropriately.

Private flying is an exclusive and luxury affair, however. As such, most people who fly this way will dress to reflect this. Business or smart casual dress is certainly more common. Passengers should keep this in mind, especially if they are sharing a private jet rental with other passengers.

A cabin crew member brings water to two passengers on a private jet.

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To get an idea of the importance of this, consider a few explanations given by private jet charter companies. The US-based jet charter company Stratos Jets explains on its website:

“When you travel by private jet, you’re free to wear what you would like. Most private travelers choose to dress in business casual attire. Not only is it more comfortable than wearing a two-piece suit, but it also strikes a great balance between the office and a night on the town.”

And the Indian charter company, Blue Height Aviation says the following:

“Whether it’s a party or a premium class journey in a private jet, dressing properly is a vital aspect. While if you are traveling somewhere on a commercial flight, then you can easily wear regular pajamas or normal jeans. But when it comes to traveling in a private jet, you should match the outfit according to the circumstances.”

What to wear?

If there is no dress code, then what should passengers wear? It would seem appropriate that the most casual shorts, sportswear, sandals, and similar wear is not appropriate. Actually, it’s normally not the best on any flight – commercial or private (commercial flying, of course, also does not usually have an established dress code).

If you have a choice in what to wear, the same guidance as for any flight makes sense. The best options are loose-fitting clothes and breathable materials (such as cotton, silk, or linen). This will be more comfortable, especially on a longer flight. Wearing layers of clothing will help you adjust to the temperature in the cabin and at your origin and destination. Things we don’t recommend wearing on any flight include jumpsuits, bulky coats, overly white clothing, or items with offensive logos or images.

A Private Jet parked at an airport with a small red carpet at the steps.

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Bear in mind that it may not be so easy to change clothes during the flight. This is important if you should be dressed in a certain way on arrival (going straight to a meeting or event, for example). If you are on a larger aircraft with fewer passengers, then there may be plenty of space. But a smaller or full aircraft will not offer much space. Private flying is luxurious and comfortable, but the cabin can be cramped, and toilet space will be just as limited as on commercial aircraft.

Inside the cabin of a Gulfstream G700.

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Have you flown privately – either on your own or on a shared charter aircraft? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about the most appropriate ways to dress in the comments section below.

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